Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charlotte got a COACH purse early for Christmas...I love that green! :)

its Wilbur!

charlotte and charlies garden :)

fun times in Yarmouth at toots

free cheese!

Friday, July 17, 2009

at Starbucks in Augusta trying the vanilla bean scone and java chip frappe...mmm both were tasty :) onward south!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lollipop gerbera maybe it will make it, $.50 at Lowes on clearance. I've been trying to acquire more plants that actually flower. I recognized the name right away because its a plant my aunt told me about.

two hanging plants from Lowes, total cost was $.75. I wanted a hanging plant and thought if they don't survive I can at least keep the baskets. I trimmed them down a lot so I am hoping that helps. I really only went to Lowes to get some marigolds...wonder if that will work against stupid squirrels... :P Later on when I went out on the porch there was potting soil all over the place...stupid squirrel...

yup super excited about this fabric :) well aware I'm a dork

i decided to go back and get the rest. :)

Matthew and Kristen saw a squirrel sitting on my porch with my tomato plants. How did he get up there?!? I didn't think the tree was close enough. :( If you click on the photo and see the picture close up you can see the squirrel right next to my plants...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Only cost me $8.60. Not bad for Shaws.

(1)Hebrew National HotDogs $5.99 on sale $3.99
- $1 off Shaws Coupon - $.75x2=$1.50 Mfg Coupon = $1.49
(1)Uncle Ben's Ready Rice pouch $2.49
- Get it Free coupon = $Free!
(1)French's Honey Mustard $2.49 on sale $1.49
- $.50x2=$1.00 off Mfg Coupon = $.49
(1)Special K Chocolate Pretzel Snack Bars $3.19 on sale $2.50
- $.75x2=$1.50 Mfg Coupon = $1.00
(1) Lean Pockets 4 pack $2.19
(1) California Pizza for One $3.79 on sale $2.99
- $2.00 off Mfg Coupon = $.99 (cheaper at Target :P)
(1) Spreadable Butter $2.39
- $.55 off Mfg Coupon = $1.84 (interestingly this one wasn't doubled)
(3) Yoplait Whips Yogurt $.60x3=$1.80
- $.60x2=$1.20 off Mfg Coupon = $.60
Total = $8.60

Look Nature!
Photo by the Amazing Charlotte

One of my favorite blogs is running again...Yay! Simply Breakfast

Corey is off today and its very boring at work today. I just noticed the sign that says please don't touch...I touched it...but very lightly, don't worry. I know any damage to the helicopter would result in pain...No one actually touched it..people actually kept stopping and checking it out in awe..

Today just hasn't been a good day. Someone special to me is having a bad day and there is nothing I can do to make it better. :( Also I have lost another tomato plant...I just can't seem to grow anything. I strongly doubt they will be producing tomatoes this August. :( Life is just complicated at the moment and I can't wait for the weekend to take a break from everything and relax. The plan is to go south with Big Mel and attend the Yarmouth Clam Festival this weekend. Also I am cutting down my to-do list and getting my car inspected. I got a free voucher in the mail from the dealership I bought it from so that will save me the cost of the sticker. I think I will drag myself to the gym tonight since I have taken more than a week off.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

had coupons, wanted to try this ben and jerry's treat... :)

debated about getting this....mmmm hot chocolate ice cream....

Victory is mine! You can not imagine how hard it is to defrost a freezer that hasn't been defrosted in over a year. I can't believe how much ice was built up around the freezer. No wonder it didn't work correctly....hmm perhaps I should go get some icecream to test it out ;)

I filled the sink with ice from the freezer. geesh there was a lot more in there than I expected. So glad I got that done.

not happy...trying to defrost my freezer...argh...water everywhere...need papertowels....

Corey made this :)

July 22 – Thomas Hill Standpipe open house, 5 p.m.-9 p.m., Thomas Hill Road, Bangor. (207) 947-4516. Admission: Free. (I thought it was 5-7 p.m. would be cool to see it at sunset.)

Monday, July 13, 2009

So I was just outside and noticed that stupid squirrel I saw earlier eating something in my driveway had ripped my trash bag open. I grabbed a new bag and was trying to fit the old one into the new bag. Thankfully my friend and neighbor happened to be taking out his trash too and helped me before I made a bigger mess. He cheered me up right away when he offered me some herbs from Hutchins greenhouse. He gave me sage, lavendar, purple basil and rosemary, all herbs I didn't have. Thanks Matty! :) Evil squirrel soon forgotten.

i cant reach it :(

geocaching after it rained...yup jeans are wet but i found it

Cascade Park

McDonald's: Free Mocha Mondays

Beginning today, you can get a free 8oz. Mocha or 7oz. iced Mocha at McDonald's every Monday until 8/3/09. :) I tried the ice Mocha this morning. A nice little treat to start the morning.