Saturday, August 4, 2012

I've had these metal peacocks to hang on the wall for years. I finally decided what I wanted to do with them. A little spray paint and I love how they came out.
Before - I didn't like the color so they stayed hidden away in a tote

spray painting....(I did it at night in the barn, must remember to do that in the daytime)

After - love the color now.  :) I've been trying to use what I have already to decorate the house.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm patiently waiting for my hair to get longer. Slowly making progress.
Monday I had to deal with replacing my flat tire. That was not fun at all getting stranded out on Route 2 outside of Newport. Thankfully with my car insurance I could get help to get the spare tire on. I was able to just replace the damaged tire instead of all four.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Today I went to Farmington, ME where I spent two years going to college at UMF. This is Merrill Hall. It was like walking down memory lane walking around the campus. It hasn't changed much.

 There was no Dunkin Donuts when I lived here. We used to drive all the way to Skowhegan to go to the Dunkin Dounts that was in a gas station. 

 The library was built in 1901 and is a beautiful building.

I used to hang out here. It really hasn't changed much. 

This is my dorm from freshman year, Scott Hall.

I achieved my summer goal of going to all of the Gifford's locations in the state of Maine. I get entered in to win Red Sox tickets. I thought it was fun visiting all of the locations so far this summer. I had only been to two of them before.