Monday, December 30, 2013

We cleared off some of the ice off the roof today. It was very thick and unfortunately we found a spot where the wood was rotting that we will have to deal with it in the spring. The ice was very thick from the recent storm and it wasn't going anywhere. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Watching old school Doctor Who from 1963 where you first meet the Daleks. Amazing after 50 years they haven't changed much. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's cold and icy up in Maine. This is a moose statue up in Gardiner, Maine at the rest area. 
I had a great Christmas with family. The time with family meant the most to me. Though I did get some awesome stuff and loves seeing smiles from family as they opened presents. 

Christmas Eve like every year before that I can remember we had pork pie. 

With these guys around its like having kids around. :)

We had cake for Grammy's birthday. She turned 88.

My mum's tree. 

Banchi loves Charlotte. 

When I got home Peyton opened presents. She was super excited. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Stockings are now hung. Peter helped me make this sign to hang stockings. I made the stockings myself using old sweaters. My sewing machine didn't like the white sweater but thought my first attempt went ok. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

So far it's snowed at least a foot here. I'm glad it happened on a Sunday when I don't have to go anywhere. And football is on and Peter has a snowblower. :) I've been sick the last two weeks so hoping a quiet day at home will help. 

I decided to try watching Doctor Who from the beginning. This may take awhile.
Season 1
An Unearthly Child (1963)
An Unearthly Child  - 12/14/13
The Cave of Skulls  - 12/14/13
The Forest of Fear  - 12/14/13
The Firemaker - 12/14/13

The Daleks (1963-1964)
The Dead Planet - 12/27/13
The Survivors - 12/27/13
The Escape - 12/27/13
The Ambush - 12/27/13
The Expedition - 12/27/13
The Ordeal - 12/30/13
The Rescue - 12/30/13

The Edge of Destruction (1964) 
The Edge of Destruction - 1/7/14
The Brink of Disaster - 1/7/14

Marco Polo (1964) 
The Roof of the World 
The Singing Sands 
Five Hundred Eyes 
The Wall of Lies 
Rider from Shang-Tu 
Mighty Kublai Khan 
Assassin at Peking 

The Keys of Marinus (1964) 
The Sea of Death - 6/1/14
The Velvet Web - 6/1/14
The Screaming Jungle - 6/1/14
The Snows of Terror - 6/1/14
Sentence of Death - 6/1/14
The Keys of Marinus - 6/1/14

The Aztecs (1964) 
The Temple of Evil - 2/11/14
The Warriors of Death - 2/11/14
The Bride of Sacrifice - 2/11/14
The Day of Darkness  - 2/11/14 

The Sensorites  (1964)
Strangers in Space - 6/14/14
The Unwilling Warriors - 6/14/14
Hidden Danger  - 6/14/14
A Race Against Death  - 6/14/14
Kidnap - 6/14/14
A Desperate Venture - 6/14/14

The Reign of Terror  (1964)
A Land of Fear  - 8/26/14
Guests of Madame Guillotine - 8/26/14
A Change of Identity - 8/26/14
The Tyrant of France - 8/26/14
A Bargain of Necessity - 8/26/14 
Prisoners of Concierge - 8/26/14

Season 2
Planet of Giants  (1964)
Planet of Giants
Dangerous Journey

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (World's End) (1964)
World's End 
The Daleks 
Day of Reckoning 
The End of Tomorrow
The Waking Ally 

The Rescue (1965)
The Powerful Enemy - 4/14/14
Desperate Measures - 4/14/14

The Romans (1965)
The Slave Traders - 9/25/15
All Roads Lead to Rome - 9/25/15
Conspiracy - 9/25/15
Inferno - 9/25/15

The Web Planet (1965)
The Web Planet
The Zarbi
Escape to Danger
Crater of Needles

The Crusade (1965)
The Lion - 3/10/14
The Knight of Jaffa (audio) - 3/10/14
The Wheel of Fortune - 3/10/14
The Warlords (audio) - 3/10/14
Day of Armageddon - 3/10/14
Counter Plot - 3/10/14
Escape Switch - 3/18/14
The Final Test  - 3/18/14

The Space Museum (1965)
The Space Museum - 10/15/15
The Dimensions of Time - 10/15/15
The Search - 10/15/15
The Final Phase - 10/15/15

The Chase (1965)
The Executioners - 12/12/15
The Death of Time - 12/12/15
Flight Through Eternity - 12/12/15
Journey into Terror - 12/12/15
The Death of Doctor Who - 12/12/15
The Planet of Decision - 12/12/15

The Time Meddler (1965)
The Watcher - 8/1/14
The Meddling Monk - 8/1/14
A Battle of Wits - 8/1/14
Checkmate - 8/1/14

Monday, December 9, 2013

Today Peter and I went to Piper Mountain to get our Christmas tree. We probably walked a mile but found our tree. It only took a minute to cut it down and Peter carried it to get it wrapped up. 

We decorated the tree tonight with Peyton. She handed me almost every ornament I own to put on the tree. Peter thinks every branch is covered. Maybe next year we will get a bigger tree. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Check out my Christmas tree at work. It's powered by USB. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

It was time. :) After Thanksgiving means time to take out Christmas decorations. I got all festive up in here. 

Peyton gets to open a Christmas book each night to read before Christmas. Now I just need a tree. 

We finally finished the dining room ceiling. It's such a relief to have the room all clean and functional again. Here's some pictures from the project. We wanted to do a wood ceiling but there was a section missing after removing drywall. Good thing about this project was we were able to fix the insulation and make crawl space useable.  

Before removing old insulation 

So turns out mudding a ceiling is different from a wall. We learned a lot and don't want to do this again. Lol

Peter did a good job painting. I did the edge work and cleaned the beams. 

Finally done! 

Before and after. So nice to have room back to normal.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

We are making progress on the ceiling in the dining room. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today I had to work so I didn't get to travel south to eat with my family. I was disappointed I didn't get to eat with them but my boyfriend made me a terrific turkey dinner. He may have gone a little overboard but it made me happy. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Today I watched Peyton while Peter was at a parent teacher conference. To keep her occupied I got some washable paints and let her make turkeys. I put a shirt on her to keep her clean. I wasn't that successful with keeping her clean but she seemed to have fun though dinner wasn't ready when Peter got home. She asked me if I was worried but I said no because it's washable paint. 

Monday, November 25, 2013


I am not a huge fan of painting...but I love refinishing furniture. My boyfriend teased me when I mentioned about building a painting shed. Okay, maybe I don't need that but would love a paint sprayer. I read a review about the Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer here. I wish I had one for the paint job coming up though think it will be me and roller finishing the dining room.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today I watched the 50th anniversary episode for Doctor Who. It was awesome watching it with a group that loves the show. I got compliments on my Tom Baker scarf. 

I got my picture with local photographer Jeff Kirlin.  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

We went out tonight to celebrate our anniversary. We had BBQ at this Thirsty Pig in Bangor. I liked the pulled pork and baked beans. 

We tried out the new frozen yogurt place Sweet Frog by Walmart. I went over board on toppings. You get to spoon them yourself. 

I met Peter at Starbucks so going to make a tradition to go each year. :)
He actually wore the same shirt he wore the day he met me. 
He told me he's quite happy just hanging out with me and eating ramen noodles.  We probably could have stayed in and ate take out. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A gift from Peter. It's our anniversary today. He knows I think minions are adorable. We are keeping it pretty low key and spending tomorrow together.