Friday, May 19, 2017

Mmm Bagel

I had some free time before an oil change so I ventured to South Portland to try 158 Pickett Street Cafe. I wasn't disappointed. They had plenty of bagels to choose from and I decided to change things up and got the Canuck sandwich with cheese, egg and Canadian bacon on an asiago bagel. It was delicious and I do want to go back again and try some of their cream cheese flavors. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

In search of a good bagel...

Lately I have been really wanting a good bagel. Living in Maine that may limit the options unlike places like New York, but there are few bakeries in the area that do make a good bagel. I had a lead on a good bagel to try and ventured up to Lewiston to try Forage Market. I was not disappointed. I got a latte and though they were out of the olive cream cheese, the jalapeƱo cream cheese was a good second choice with my plain bagel. The bagel had a nice taste to it where it wasn't too chewy or crispy when toasted. The cafe had a relaxed atmosphere and I liked their use of pyrex.  I would travel again to Lewiston to go there again for another bagel.