Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yup....he's a drooler...

Friday, March 19, 2010

*Thoughts of the Day*
*I got bleach on one of my favorite shirts...thankfully its a worn shirt so I didn't cry...well I almost did but I kept it together and remained calm. Its just a few streaks on the sleeve. Its really my own fault, I shouldn't have been cleaning. I was actually told to stop what I was doing, but I prefer the apartment to look nice even if I'm not the one expecting company.
*Children make me less nervous. After repeated exposure I think I finally feel more relaxed around them.
*I didn't make it to the gym this week, I feel like a failure.
*Allergies have already started for me. I was worried I was getting a cold but one pill and I felt less likely to scratch out my eyes and less stuffy.
*Why is it never the right time?
*I saw the new movie Alice in Wonderland on Thursday night....odd remake...ending was a little weak but overall it was good. The March Hare was my favorite....Spoon!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mt Battie Camden, ME

I went for a little road trip down to Camden, ME today. :)

Found a 2001 cache :)

two eggs with cheese, spicy black bean veggie burger and toast
I made an iced latte using hot espresso and
my cocktail shaker with lots of ice and milk...
I love my drinks shaken, not stirred :)
Enjoying a nice quiet day off....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

*thoughts of the day*
*I am horrible at telling jokes or puns. I think majority of the time I make people laugh not on purpose. Usually it's either I say something without thinking or pronounce a word wrong.
*I go through phases...right now is regressing to movies from my childhood. We watched Star Wars tonight. I didn't realize it was actually referred to as episode IV not just Star Wars. I think mostly I just want to see an ewok.  :)
*Lately I've been trying to be more open but it feels like that can backfire. Do I really want people to know how I feel?
* I wondered today if all the pieces fell together would I still want more...
* why wasn't Yoda in the Star Wars movie IV? Yes I'm a little disappointed and impatient because I'll have to wait for Netflix to see the next movie.
* I only had 4 Shamrock Shakes this year...perhaps a good thing.

Happy St Patrick's Day

I've been trying to be more festive...
Some reason I don't own a lot of green stuff....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

*Thoughts of the Day*

*Being an overachiever has its disadvantages, like setting the bar way too high so that if you do screw up, its really bad. A certain person at work keeps teasing me, calling me the awardwinner. :P I also got asked today what was on my nose (brown noser) because I passed my call coaching while the other people on my team didn't pass because a new person was doing the coaching. I think I just got lucky they picked a good call and I had to be vocal about certain things to make sure the coaching was accurate.
*It was so nice today to be able to go outside and go for a walk after work and it was still light out. There is still a little bit of snow on the outer trails in the City Forest.
*Just had ice cream with that chocolate syrup that hardens on ice cream...haven't had that in years....I guess there are benefits to having a roommate that is a junk food junkie ;) Also had rainbow sprinkles...almost went crazy and added fluff to it...but have to have limits...

I ate 1 1/4 poptarts....that's a big deal...normally I can only eat 1 out of 2. Its been a long day..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today I went to David's Bridal for my sister's Wedding Dress fitting. :) I am so happy for her that she found a beautiful dress and on sale too! Here's a sneak peak from today.

I don't want to give away
which dress she ended up picking ;)

At Maine Mall with Mel and Aunties Pearl after visiting Starbucks