Saturday, August 8, 2009

on the ferris wheel :)

I won a prize!

backyard circus

Bangor State Fair!

I do admire the Martha Stewarts magazine. I wish my place looked like it belongs in her magazine. Takes time to achieve such a beautiful look though, doesn't happen overnight. And I do love green....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yay! Found the last GeoZoo cache! Did two night caches tonight which was fun and a little spooky.... ;)

made it out alive ;)

Oh My! Its actually beating! This is part of the Telltale Heart Geocache

that is real..reminder to self don't get too close to the trees


Found this cemetery out in the woods tonight...creepy... ;)

Oh No! Which way do we go?!
I will admit being outside late in the woods I did get a little creeped out, although didn't help that Corey kept saying "Did you hear that? I think they are coming...."

so bored at work currently on the fourth book in the series. a woman at work has the whole set here. i had to skip the second book because someone else grabbed it first unless I wanted to fight her for it in the parking lot. ;) I think if you like Twilight you would like this more adult series ;)