Thursday, July 9, 2015


Today my sister, my niece and I decided to go on a mini adventure venturing somewhere new. We think we will try doing this every Thursday when we have free time together. We first stopped at Omi''s Coffee Shop in Portland, ME. I tried the Beekeeper's latte and Charlotte tried the coconut cold brew. Both were delicious along with blueberry biscuit. 

Our next stop was for donuts at Little Bigs in South Portland. Its like walking right into a bakery in the middle of the action. All of the donuts on the rack looked fresh and delicious. I also loved that they had fresh Coffee By Design coffee with coffee ice cubes. 
I tried the raspberry and creme bismarck. It was yummy and tasted like it was just made. 
Also Banchi was a lazy bum today who wasn't pleased I made the bed so he improvised and tried to get under the pillow. He prefers sleeping in, every day.