Saturday, January 9, 2010

hehe, you can get married at Sugarloaf...Mum would love that.. a sticker ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

lunch-mmm scrambled eggs :)
I really should wake up earlier...
I do love Breakfast

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I do love going to IKEA
Wish I had a kitchen like this...

my new coffee table put together
by professionals ;) (not me)
a little big but I think it will work. :)

went to the post office in my hometown today
before heading north. yup still looks the same :)

kinda amazed they were good while I was taking a shower

Monday, January 4, 2010

We watched The Dark Crystal last night...For some reason I don't have any recollection of watching it as a child. It was a very odd movie...That's Fizzgig...I am guessing he's like a dog. Its weird to think all the characters are puppets done by Jim Henson. Very different from the Muppets....entertaining movie though despite the weirdness.

hehehe the mmmMMMMmm!!! that Corey pointed out to me made me laugh during the movie...

Free Photo Calendar from Shutterfly and Target

Saw this on :) I tried it and it does to make a boston terrier calendar ;)
Target and Shutterfly have teamed up to offer a completely free Photo Calendar this week. Freebies 4 Mom posted the following specific directions on how to get your free calendar :
1. Log in to Shutterfly and click on "My Account" at the very top right. Or sign-up for a new account and get 50 free prints.
2. Look at the bottom of the page for the "Enter Special Offer Code" to load the coupon code FREECALENDAR into your account.
3. You can then see it when you click on "My Special Offers" and it will ask you anytime you checkout if you'd like to apply it to your order. The expiration date is January 17, 2010.
4. Just pay shipping when you create your free 16"x20" Calendar Poster. When you use your coupon it does not apply towards shipping which should cost only $4.99.
5. Use before Sunday, January 17.

At Target with Mum. Some reason the other Targets (Augusta and Topsham) are at 90% off while Biddeford is at 75%. Yeah I realize probably should have taken a photo of the Christmas stuff, but isn't these dog treats cute?!

found the wine cube! at Topsham Target
Not sure why they don't have wine at the Bangor Target


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm not doing too well with my New Years Resolutions. I don't think I have had a vegetable in two days. May be going through withdrawal. ;) I had a good time last night having friends over. We were going to play Cranium but ended up watching Man vs Food all night which was okay with me. My friends really loved the Buffalo Chicken Dip. :)  We had to shovel after midnight when our friends got stuck in the driveway when trying leave because the plow had gone by leaving a nice baricade of snow. Tomorrow I should be having south to hang out with Charlotte. Its our birthday on Wednesday :)