Friday, November 1, 2013

Breakfast was waiting for me when I got home from working overtime. :)

So sometimes projects don't turn out like you want. I thought an exposed wood ceiling would be nice. But I didn't realize the crawl space above the dining room was missing floor boards and my original had to be scrapped. Instead we took out the old insulation and re-insulated in a better way to keep the house warm. We sealed and added a floor to the crawl space. We will be adding drywall back up soon and I learned my lesson. 

The insulation was a pain to clean up. 

We added strapping after I took pictures to hold it in place. 

Floor is up and can actually hold weight.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I liked this saying so much I decide to draw it free hand and paint it with similar colors. I would have bought a print but wasn't sure where it was available. This was my inspiration.

My handiwork. Boyfriend watched me sketch it out and said he was surprised how my handwriting isn't girly at all and I agree not the best. But I tried to do my best. I like how it came out. 

Saturday we went trick or treating in downtown. I was so distracted by the cute kids in costume I didn't take any pictures until the end. Peyton was spider girl and despite the lines and rain she had fun.