Saturday, July 6, 2013

I decided to add some fresh paint to my patio furniture. I like how they came out. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This finally flowered after a year. Has had a rough life, been knocked over twice and up rooted. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Move Pellet Stove

My current house projects are at 75% complete. I just need to put up gutters and I think there will be a period of rest. With help from my boyfriend, we took down a chimney, filled in hole where chimney was, fixed water damage in dining room wall, insulated and did new drywall. Oh and I now have a light in the dining room with a switch. Unfortunately I didn't actually get to the original goal of hooking up pellet stove in the corner but that won't be a priority until fall so that is why project is at 75%. At least its sitting in the corner. And I got a new bulk head which related to the water damage. I got all the important stuff like taking out the chimney done. I just realized this project started six weeks ago. It feels like it was longer.

Peter said the best part was kicking the chimney off the roof. Wish I had gotten a picture of it but I was too concerned he was going to come down with the chimney.

I considered putting in a window in instead of repairing the wall, but the space between the beams wasn't normal to fit a window.

I sent my mom a photo and she told me we had to start over because Tyvek was upside down. hahaha
It was interesting to see what the structure of my house looks like. I didn't like being able to see outside though from inside through the boards. Lots of sealing was done. 

Seeing the water damage was my least favorite part. Peter spent all day fixing it while I was at work. He's good like that. He tried to tell me in a way that wouldn't freak me out. 

The old bulkhead came out very easy and Peter put in a temporary one out of plywood. 

All done! New bulkhead installed by Chamberland Carpentry. Peter put up all the clapboard and the trim while I painted. 

This was inside the house prior to renovations. Notice Christmas lights and brick wall...

Its my fault because I started this but I started messing with the brick wall taking a brick out and then it all got really loose. I was worried it would fall down since it was already separating from the drywall so I had to call Peter over after he just left and wasn't feeling well to help me. He's a lifesaver that I didn't get hit by a wall of bricks. 

We patched the wall and took out all the horsehair plaster and boards. I hate horsehair plaster. It makes such a mess!

The decision to drywall the whole wall was a good one since we found damage to the wall under the windows where we weren't planning on touching. We were able to salvage the trim from one of the windows. 

We spray foamed all the cracks to make sure the wall is air tight. 

We added new insulation and drywall to finish the wall. Notice the outlets and switch, that's new :) I didn't have a light in the dining room since I bought the house so I was super excited. No more Christmas lights for me. The previous owner had ripped out some of the wiring when renovating.

Just one coat of paint and its so nice!

Floor was washed again and all the trim was freshly painted a bright white. I was so excited I had to clean. Most of the tools are in the kitchen now to find a home for them in the barn. 

Tonight all the trim is up and painted. Super excited to have it all done. The room actually feels bigger with the pellet stove in the corner. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Got creative with dinner tonight :) Mac & Cheese pizza