Saturday, June 20, 2009

i like this fabric

just what someone needs, paintcan full of fudge topping

available at Mardens in Brewer

Friday, June 19, 2009

I think I have a problem...I couldn't resist getting a set of these Fiestaware dishes in Shamrock color. :) For some reason they were in the clearance section at Macy's today. I went back this evening to get some more to have a set of four. I feel like I have been spending far too much money although I won't have to buy a few things for a, lotion, deodorant, shave gel,toilet paper, band aids, crystal light, cereal, hamburger helper, crackers, etc...I think now I will only need the basics like milk, bread and eggs and lettuce each week. I guess patience is in order to see the benefits of planning ahead. Yeah I don't care if I get made fun of for collecting coupons, but it does help save me some. Makes me wonder how I ever paid full price for stuff. I think I am planning on not going to Target for at least a week...well I'll try not to. ;)

free smoothie today

I went to the mall to get a free smoothie today and ended up leaving with a free yummy smoothie from Orange Julius and shamrock fiestaware at a bargain price. Macy's had some in the clearance section marked 40% off the already reduced price. I picked up two pasta plates and a small plate. I want to start getting more of the Shamrock color because as you I do love green..why I didn't start with green I don't have the faintest idea.

Look! Its the TARDIS! :)

me with dark hair...don't worry, its a wig. Cori or Matthew said I look kinda like Snow White

yes its still craft time at work...

breakfast - egg, cheese, red potatos diced with parsley and mini bagel with butter (ice coffee not seen, made at home)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bargain and green! only 79 cents at Kohl's

Couldn't resist bargains at Target!
(1) Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion 1oz $.97
- MFR Coupon $1.00 off = Free!
(1) California Pizza Kitchen For One $2.79
- MFR Coupon $2.00 off ANY One package of California Pizza Kitchen = $.79
(found coupon in freezer pizza section at Hannaford)
(3) Scott 8 Mega Extra Soft Toilet Paper $6.99 each ($20.97)
- (3) MFR Coupons $1.00 off X 3 = $17.97 PLUS $5.00 Target Gift Card with purchase
My receipt says I saved $17.00 and also I got a coupon for $.50 off Starbucks Frap at any Target :)

I went to the downtown market in Bangor. Its going to be going on every Thursday evening 5-8 all summer. There were not as many vendors as I expected but still was fun to check out the jewelry and hang for a bit with Cori outside of work :) And of course its always great to see Eowyn :) She's growing up so fast! I got a piece of flatbread from Daily Bread, very tasty, maybe next week I'll get a cookie.

I doubt you can see, but a bluejay just flew up and was eating out of my birdfeeder. Yay! I had not seen a bird go near it yet.

Who is that? Why its Master Shake! I made him from

Baby Kimono Shoes

How cute! Find the pattern here.

Oh where oh where can I find these Japanese alligator paper clips?!?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My First Quilt

As promised here is a picture of my work in progress. I need to sew the rows together maybe this weekend.

Birds from A to Z by Geninne D. Zlatkis has been produced as a limited edition print for LMNOP's latest issue.
Get yours here for US$50.
Very cool...
Saw this on far out brussel sprout, a cool blog from a woman down under.

hmmm I do like the Peacock too....


Saturday - June 20, 2009

10 AM - 4 PM

Penobscot County Conservation Association

570 N. Main St. - Brewer ME

Rain or Shine

Sponsored by Penobscot County Conservation Association

You and your family are cordially invited to enjoy the activities planned for this day.

There will be NO Charge to participate in the activities!

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult

Activities will start at 10 AM and continue until 12 Noon.

Food will be available to purchase from 12 Noon until 1 PM

Activities will resume at 1 PM until 4 PM

4 PM until 6 PM - Chicken BBQ - $8 Adults - $4 Children under 12


Schedule subject to change if circumstances are beyond our control

Penobscot Riverkeepers - A 28' canoe, trip on the Penobscot River - rides will start at 10 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM with a safety briefing, PFD fitting and basic instructions. PRK members will be your guides.

Audubon - What’s in the Pond Water - Look and See! 1-4pm at Pond Microscopes and Pond water fun

Penobscot Fly Fishers - Fly casting at Pond 10 AM, 11 AM, 1PM, & 3 PM - no hooks just learn the techniques

Fly tying in Clubhouse 10 - 12 Noon & 1 - 4 PM - learn more about tying the flies to catch the fish

SCI - Safari in a Box - Come Examine the Pelts and Fur of Animals - 10 -12 Noon & 1-4pm in Clubhouse

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Search and Rescue Dogs - DEMO and meet the dogs 10-12 Noon Outside

Penobscot River Restoration - Making Wood Block Prints - Learn more about carving and stamping--1- 3 PM in Clubhouse

Geocaching - Learn all about this hot new sport - For the Techno Geek and Nature Person 10-12 AM & 1-4 PM Static Display in Clubhouse; 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM; 1:30 PM; 2:30 PM; & 3:30 PM active demo--find a cache outside - Loaner Equipment will be available or bring your own GPS receiver

Penobscot County Conservation Association - Learn some beginning basics of using an Air Rifle - in Clubhouse Basement Range 10 -12 Noon, 1-4 PM

Maine BowHunters - Archery for Beginners 10-12 Noon & 1-4 PM in Barn

Rick Charette - FREE - Bangor Public Library - June 22, 6pm

Children’s singer/songwriter Rich Charette will be at the Bangor Public Library on June 22, 6pm! This free event is brought to you jointly by the Brewer Public Library and the Bangor Public Library.
Concert is to be held outside. Rain location is Penobscot Theater.
I thought people in the area with kids would be interested in this. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

green in everyday life, not on purpose...if only I had a green iPod

If you have a Shaws card I strongly recommend signing up at You can earn anywhere from 5 to 60 cents off a gallon of Irving or Gulf gas every time you shop at a participating Shaw’s or Dunkin’ Donuts location. Check it out!

Letterpress Alphabet Poster. Modern design. Chocolate/Apple. 11x14

I do like this a simple and beautiful and educational too! :)
Saw it here at Sycamore Street Press
Saw this on Oh So Beautiful Paper. Love it! Such a creative invite!
Looking for some free artwork to dress up those bare walls? Check out Vintage Printable. I saw this on Daily Gnome and had to share the website. All the prints are free to print off because they are in the public domain (Either pre-1922 or works on behalf of the US Government). Most of them are in high resolution so you can print them out at home or get them enlarged at your favorite photo print shop.
Here are few that caught my eye....yeah I will have to finally buy ink cartiages for my printer...

Monday, June 15, 2009

lunch...yes technically turkey helper with corn with some broccoli and salad. I didn't actually finish it, too much food! But tasty!

A guy went and placed over 100 geocaches along the Stud Mill Road this weekend....people have mixed feelings about this because it makes certain challenges easier...but yeah I was excited that he placed one for me :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I used my sewing machine tonight. I got one for my birthday this year, but honestly had been a little afraid to use it. My aunt gave me some material already cut out to quilt with. I think I was worried I would be horrible at it, but so far I have 7 rows of 8 squares done so far. I think I can do two more rows with the material that I have left. I've always wanted to learn how to sew although it always seemed daunting to me. My first quilt may not be perfect, but its a start. :)

This only cost me $8.26 at Shaws today.