Friday, June 24, 2011

Cosmo and Yoda :-)

Cosmo and Yoda :-) by drwhogrl
Cosmo and Yoda :-), a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where's Wendy?

Are you a parent? Do you have young kids and want them to have fun and tire them out at the same time?? Well today I went to The Maine Jump where you can do all of that. Its located at 312 Hogan Road in Bangor (where World Over Imports was located). Its a fun and safe place for kids 12 years old and younger to play. There are multiple bounce houses and the floors are child-proof . There will be an area for parents to hang out and use wi-fi and enjoy Rockcity coffee. I love the fact that the kitchen has a gluten/nut free menu. Also its awesome that there is now a toddler time from 9-10am Monday and Friday so the little kids 4 years old and younger can get their turn. During the day you can have two hours for $8 per child  5-12 years old and $5 for kids under 5 years old. Adults are free. Party options are available too and soon they will have special events. Like them on Facebook to see what's happening there. 
I had a lot of fun going with Chad and Cullen even if I didn't get to go in the bounce house. :)
Remember to wear socks

I wanted to sneak into the bounce house....

Cullen had a lot of fun

Note to self: kids like beach balls...

The Maine Jump is great for tiring out kids

Cullen and Chad

Breakfast at Giacomo's

Breakfast at Giacomo's by drwhogrl
Breakfast at Giacomo's, a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

Breakfast at Giacomo's

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lunch at Giacomo's

Lunch at Giacomo's by drwhogrl
Lunch at Giacomo's, a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.
I had lunch today at Giacomo's in Bangor with Nick. I love the sandwiches there. Resisted the cupcakes, but not sure how long I can stay strong. ;-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

IMG_20110621_131906.jpg by drwhogrl
IMG_20110621_131906.jpg, a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

I gave Eowyn a penny from Seattle and she gave me one from Seaworld :)

weekendgetaway 330 by jadefrog_01
weekendgetaway 330, a photo by jadefrog_01 on Flickr.

Here's another good one of Sabi. He was very photogenic. :)

weekendgetaway 002 by jadefrog_01
weekendgetaway 002, a photo by jadefrog_01 on Flickr.

Found this picture of Sabi from 2008 that a friend took....awww I miss him so much.