Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yay Peonies from my garden! Thanks Mum. 

So I had the tree stump out front grinded and I was moving the wood chips with my wagon out front. I must have looked very pathetic because my neighbor came over with this lawn mower. He showed me how to use it and went back to his house. So I've only used a lawn mower a few times and never a riding lawn mower. I was nervous but I was able to use it and move four loads of wood chips to the vegetable garden. I assume the feeling of using a riding lawn mower is like being on a tractor. If my lawn wasn't so uneven I'd be tempted to get one myself. I think I'll stick with my regular lawn mower. I am grateful that I have such nice neighbors. 

I used the wood chips from the tree stump and spread them all over the vegetable garden. I am hoping that this helps prevent the weeds from growing. I am hoping my rhubarb plant gets better, its been in rough shape due to the slug/snail attack and I tried to help it out by moving it to a better spot. 

My great Aunt Mary is moving to New York to live with her daughter so we went to visit. She invited us to come over and grab anything we wanted before they sell the house. I was happy to see her before she moves and it was nice to get things that remind me of her and her husband Uncle Red. 

Aunt Mary, Janice, Charlotte, Mum, Grammy, Melony and me


My Aunt Mary used to collect owls...lucky me. :)

Not sure what this is for, but I thought it was cool.

I thought this was a cool book and grabbed it.

I'm not able to read French but I thought this book was beautiful. 

Almost done! Grabbed some ice cream in Skowhegan on the way north today.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Where's Wendy?

This weekend I took a trip to Portland and walked along the Eastern Promenade. I was excited to finally try a donut from The Holy Donut as well. They make Maine potato donuts that are delicious. After my walk along the water I grabbed a slice of pizza at Otto's and was happy to get to try the mashed potato, scallion and bacon pizza. 

I planted tomatoes today and tried to make some sense of my garden. Mowed the lawn too. So much quicker to mow the lawn when grass isn't really tall. Mum gave me a patio set too! And she gave me a rhubarb plant and peonies! :D