Friday, September 30, 2011

Yoda loves cupcake day.

Yoda loves cupcake day. by drwhogrl
Yoda loves cupcake day., a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

Greek pizza with chicken from Giacomo's

I tried the new pizza from Giacomo's today for lunch and thought it was very yummy. The ingredients were fresh and it was very filling.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Social Media Breakfast/Happy Hour

On Friday I went with my cousin to the Social Media Breakfast which was actually a happy hour since the topic related to beer. It was interesting to hear the speakers discus how social media is used by local breweries. It was a first time for me attending an event down in Portland.
The speakers included Chris Brogan, Kai Adams (Sebago Brewing), Dan Kleban (Maine Beer Company) and Tami Kennedy (Shipyard Brewing)

mmm pretzel

I won a pint glass in the raffle
  by drwhogrl
, a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

There's the Tod... ;)

  by drwhogrl
, a photo by drwhogrl on Flickr.

Banchi photo :)