Saturday, June 13, 2009

I played tourist today wandering around the coast.

bar harbor

There was a wedding party on the bar in Bar Harbor this evening. Hoping they were smart enough not to get stuck out there...The bride had a pretty dress on.

UhOh, the road was flooded but I made it through with my Subaru!
At one of my favorite places in Maine, Bass Harbor! I sat here for a while listening to the waves.

bass harbor...where are you from? umm Maine...An old guy from Pennyslvania was surprised to meet a Mainer taking photos of the lighthouse

the rooster brother store for cooks in Ellsworth. interesting selection of cookware

Exploring Ellsworth today.

Friday, June 12, 2009

great deals for bread here on outer hammond in bangor!

I've been feeling overwhelmed by so many things to do and not enough time to complete them. I realized that I have been doing that thing again where I move stuff in my sleep, sorta like sleepwalking but I do stay in my bedroom. Thankfully I haven't taken stuff off the walls recently. Usually I have good reasons for moving stuff, although the next morning those reasons seem rather silly.
I feel divided as to what I want to do although I am trying to veer in one direction. Baby steps I guess is all I can do right now.
Its raining today...very hard...I can hear it perfectly while I sit at my desk. Perhaps its the rain that's making me grumpy. Majority of the people at work took today off so I am by myself right now. Hopefully someone will show up at 9am.

Happy Thoughts!
*Happy Birthday Uncle Red! He turned 80 today!
*Mel visited me yesterday while she was in between meetings in her Grey's Anatomy green scrubs. She's been so busy with school and work it was nice to catch up.
*My tomato plants are still alive.
*I made it to the gym last night. Had taken a break while I was on a mini vacation.
*I solved a mini mystery for my grandmother. Years ago her aunt had told her a story that her parents had had a child before her, but sadly the baby died less than a month later. She was not able to verify the story with her parents but I was able to find proof that the story was true and the name of the child which I think made my grandmother very happy.
*Grammy gave me a bird feeder. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Currently loving Kemps Yogurt Parfait. very yummy!

Beautiful...I wonder how they made can buy it here from box64studios. If only I had extra money to spend....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

mum found this at Goodwill, a Fiestaware Hurricane Lamp, only $2.99.

got a copper mixing bowl and a glass jewelry dish at Goodwill today, only $4 total :)

went to Shaws to pick up Sunday paper and lunch and somehow ended up with two lemons in my bag...