Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Painting....always painting...

The hallway upstairs bothered me. There were drywall screws never covered and the walls were a faded yellow. With free time and a ladder I decided to tackle the hallway. I had already done the stairs and painted the trim to brighten it up. I had to use a swiffer to spread the spackle on the ceiling because I am short and have a minor fear of being high up on ladders.

I was good this time and put down plastic to protect the stairs that I had worked so hard on.

The  new wall and ceiling color is called Swiss Coffee made by Valspar. I thought it was pretty and nice contrast to the Ultra White trim. Please don't look at the light. I hoping to do something with that soon. I am not a fan of brass. 

This was after I painted the floor a similar color to what it was originally. I made such a mess painting that I had to paint it again but had planned on freshening up anyways. I love this spot in the house.

Nice green color, perhaps the only original color I've kept in the house.

I am proud of the fact I didn't get paint all over the stairs.

I also spray painted the floor registers to dress them up because they were in rough shape. 

Now the floor registers matched the door hardware. Eventually I will get to the front door to finish this room. I just need to replace the switches and outlets and update the lights and this section of the house will be all done. I love the wood floor in here. Stripping the layers of paint off the floor was worth it. 

I took this handle off the bathroom door upstairs. It took a while boiling it in water with Dawn soap but I did get all the paint off. I spray painted it to match all of the hardware at the house and was able to reattach it to the door.