Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today we went to Boothbay Harbor for a lobster/clam bake that my boyfriend's work was having. We went on a ferry and ate lobster at Cabbage island. 

Ram island lighthouse

Burnt Island lighthouse 

I walked down on the rocks despite wearing a skirt. 

Ice cream sundae from Round Top ice cream in Damarscotta. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fort Kent, ME

Today my boyfriend and I went on a long road trip north to the beginning of Route 1 in Fort Kent, ME. We got off 95 at Houlton and followed Route 1. It was a fun trip to check out that part of Maine. 

Pluto is still at the Houlton visitor center as part of the Maine Solar System Model. 

Fort Kent Blockhouse. 

I had some poutine at Rock's diner. 

 A wizzard from Al's Tastee Freeze. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Today I ran errands and my boyfriend surprised me with a gas powered weed wacker. I got to clear a bunch of weeds around the yard. The plan is to make that into lawn instead of being overun with weeds. So excited about it. 

In the back corner of my property. There is random hump of dirt that needs to get cleared. I want to see what's on the ground before mowing. I ran out of gas or else I would have kept going. 
I was excited to find wild raspberries growing. 
My boyfriend told me I'm adorable when I came inside covered in grass. Always wear safety glasses. ;)