Saturday, April 28, 2012

I saw this hanging at my mother's. That's me holding Sabi at our trip to the beach years ago. We didn't end up using it as the cover shot but still loved the picture my sister took.


I found this at a yard sale in Saco. :)


I went digging through my old stuff and found this self portrait I did in high school. 
I remember it being a silly project to do because I used the photocopier to make a copy of my face and then drew it using charcoal. I think I'll put it in a frame and bring it home with me to my house. 
I checked out the Edgar Degas exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art with friends on Friday night. 

Portland Museum of Art

Drinks at Novare Res in Portland with friends. I wanted to keep this glass!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I went to Nocturnem Draft Haus and got a free pint glass because a brewery was visiting.
Cisco Brewery had some good beers. It was fun hanging out with friends.
I'm fascinated by shapes and designs I see on a daily basis.
This is a cross walk on Main Street in Bangor.
I love circles. I've started to collect jewelry with circles.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is my current project...

its all painted! now to get it upstairs...
Upstairs in the bedroom
oops...missed a spot...always doing touchups...
but wait...there is more! Currently trying to get the mirror together....

another picture of me in green.... ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

easily distracted by shiny objects

my attempt at making a trench...

mmm curry chicken...

Monday, April 23, 2012

When I got home from work I put on my painting clothes and headed out to my workshop to do some painting on a piece of furniture I am hoping to finish soon. Yes I like to paint wearing green. ;)

Sigh....water in the basement. The sump pump was kicking on so yay about that but this is giving me a constant headache. I am getting an estimate in May on watersealing the basement. Tomorrow's fun activities will include digging a trench to try to direct the water from the house. I am not really skilled in digging a trench but I am getting good at digging so I'm optimistic although I may get grumpy if its raining out while I attempt it. I have been battling a cold and need to get better for my trip. 
PS: check out my fancy tank less water come to the house you get to see the water heater, its part of the tour although yes I realize I shouldn't drag people into the basement because it may appear weird but people do seem to enjoy the tour, especially the tiny bathroom upstairs. :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Sunday morning I went to a tweetup with friends at Geaghan's for breakfast. 
I went to the Bangor Home Show and the only thing I found interesting was the Hobbit Holes for sale.

One of my light fixtures was all green. I polished it and was surprised to find out that it wasn't brass, but that it was copper! I rarely see copper fixtures so yay for that. I love copper!

I painted the mirror I found at Mardens green and hung it up in the dining room. 
I thought the room needed more green.

Remember the leopard chairs?
Check them out now. Pretty, eh?