Saturday, March 6, 2010

peanut butter, almond butter with fluff
on whole wheat with banana :)

* I am stuck working until 7pm today and its the first real nice day we have had here outside. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as nice so I can spend all day outside.
*I almost had a reason to cry this morning when my roommate nearly wrecked my St Patrick's day decorations that I have hanging on the porch door. He nearly took out the tree with the shamrocks in it that's on the mantle the other night with a toy ball.
*Why do the complicated customers choose to call on Saturdays?
*I really hate the crease in my hair from my headset from work.
I love the days when I can run my hand through my hair and not feel it.
*Excited for springtime. Becoming more of an outdoors person, although I doubt I see camping in my future...just hiking because I prefer to sleep in my own bed.
*I really should buy my own canister of Fluff...
although that would be dangerous...and I do rarely crave it.
*Its odd how certain things still amuse after years of hearing it over and over again.
*I haven't had a Shamrock Shake this week.....
*Excited for the movies tonight. Debating if I should go see Alice in Wonderland or Shutter Island....
*I am really bad at hanging photos...hoping when I do move that I still get my deposit back after all the holes I have put in the walls....


Friday, March 5, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I wish I had a garden to display this....
Day 3 Despite almost oversleeping I ate breakfast at home and didn't go to Dunkin Donuts today. Honestly I am amazed I have lasted three days so far. I am trying really hard with will power not to take the easy route out and get fast food. Tomorrow is my day off so I have plenty of time to relax at home and make a yummy breakfast.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Currently for the month of March I am trying to cut back on the times I go out to eat for breakfast and eat healthier. So far two days into the month and I have eaten breakfast in the morning before I go to work and have not gotten coffee from Dunkin Donuts in the afternoon. I have even gone to the gym the last two nights as well. I would like to lose at least ten pounds and as an incentive I am planning on awarding myself a digital SLR once I achieve my goal. Good incentive eh?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bangor City Forest

I went for a walk today in the City Forest.
Thankfully the main trails are snow free.
I made soup and a grill cheese on whole wheat today.
I cleaned out the pantry today and
I am going to try to use up everything in the pantry for March.

My wood staining project

Recently I purchased a little end table from Goodwill for $10. Instead of painting it white like I planned, I decided staining it would be better. I haven't stained wood in years, but I remembered watching my mother do it so I thought I could manage it myself. I think I even surprised myself how well the table came out. In the spring I will finish the process putting a clear coat on it.

After sanding...

I used paint stripper to get off the varnish
off the legs and edges.
I think next time I will try the gel version.
The stuff that sprays burns!

After applying the stain. I didn't get any on me until the very end where the stain splashed up on me when I was closing the can. My mother educated me next time to put a bag over the can when I close it to avoid that from happening. Lesson learned:Stain does not come off your skin easily. I at least remembered to wear gloves.

After the stain dried. :) Nice eh?

Before and After


mmm eggs, ham and cornbread...
I woke up to the smell of cornbread