Saturday, December 19, 2009

I just realized I haven't taken any photos this past month. My flickr account still shows pictures from Thanksgiving which irks me. Normally around this time of year I would have gone for a walk in the city forest and documented what I saw. What have I been doing with my free time? Hmmm....I think my days off I have been running around trying to get all my Christmas shopping done and haven't taken any time to relax and enjoy the sunlight. I am not a fan of the cold or the lack of sunlight. I do love the tradition of decorating trees and showing appreciation to those you care about. I gave a gift recently to a couple I know and was so happy with their reaction to the gift. We don't swap presents, but I wanted to do something thoughtful for them. After being asked what I want for Christmas I have been realizing I am not a  very materialistic person because I have a very hard time making up a list of things I want. What I really want doesn't come with a price tag although hopefully with time I may get it. You should see how happy I get when I check the mail and get a Christmas card. :) Looking foward to Christmas this year. One more day of work on Monday and then I will be on vacation for six whole days!

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