Saturday, June 4, 2011

Where's Wendy?

Orono's Farmers Market
Cullen and Jess

Cullen and Chad

Today I went to the Orono's Farmers Market at the Steam Lot in Orono. Its a great market to visit to buy local. They have all sorts of things for sale like plants, meat, cheese and even sweets. I liked the selection of plants to buy including vegetables.
For lunch Jess, Chad, Cullen and I went down to Winterport to check out the new BBQ place that opened called 4 Points BBQ and Blues House at 145 Main Street. Like them on Facebook. Right when you pull into the parking lot you can see the smoker where they cook their meat. Inside there are large picnic tables where you are served delicious BBQ on silver platters. There are different sauces to choice from and great selections of meat to try. I like how you have options depending on how hungry you are. Make sure if you go, you go early. They are open until midnight but usually run out of meat by nightfall because they cook the meat fresh each day. I loved how they were playing Steve Ray Vaughan as background music. I definitely want to go back again and have the ribs.

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