Friday, June 17, 2011

Where's Wendy?

Giacomo's at 1 Central Street, Bangor, ME

I left the house in search of a scone. Not just any scone but a chocolate mint one. I was so very happy to get the last one at Giacomo's at 1 Central Street in Bangor on Thursday. I have a weakness for mint. Besides the yummy menu, Giacomo's has daily specials which sometimes includes scones. I couldn't help thinking why haven't I mentioned Giacomo's yet? Its one of the best places to go during the day for food like salads and sandwiches. I also tried an iced vanilla latte which was delicious.  Recently we had a work lunch there and its a great place to meet friends for drinks. The staff is nice and it has a comfortable atmosphere, the type of place you want to hang out at.
Andes Mint Scone!

Staying on Central Street I walked over to the  Bangor Museum and Center for History which had an open flag out front with its doors open at 73 Central Street. I had seen the poster for the exhibit for the Great Fire of 1911 and thought it would be interesting to check out. I learned a lot about Bangor looking at the pictures and seeing the changes the city went through after going through the fire. There were first hand accounts and artifacts available to look at. The Fire of 1911 Exhibit  runs from April 30 to September 30 and is available to view Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 3pm. Its free and donations are accepted. The exhibit is in partnership with the Hose 5 Fire Museum.

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