Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It was a good weekend. I got to see my cousin Mel's new house. Here she is with the M&M from her dad and yes that's her puppy Lexie in the M&M. We kept moving the M&M around on the front yard. 

Lexie (three family members now have labs, one yellow, chocolate and red velvet, at some point need to get a picture of all three together)

Grammy, Katy, Auntie Pearl and Mum (Ava is trying to get away)

Banchi and Ava. These two kept roughhousing all weekend. Whenever Ava is around Banchi she think's she's a little dog. 

Ava (she's a red velvet lab that belongs to my Aunt)

Todi, calm and collected. He didn't partake in the roughhousing. 

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