Saturday, April 30, 2011

I asked for help on how to describe me for something I was working on and my friend Cori said this:
"Compassionate, dedicated, efficient...Likes to try new things/adventurous, loves the outdoors/geocaching, loves green, loves coupons/finding deals, likes random somewhat useless kitchen appliances, huge fan of Doctor Who (ever), thinks Gizmo is adorable, loves Boston terriers, frequents Starbucks, and thinks that using "blue" as a password is the most hilarious thing ever. And you're pretty"
I think that is a good summary of me. The "blue" comment is a joke from a long time ago..If you know me you would understand. I am easily amused. I left out the part about clowns...seriously they creep me out....


  1. Did anyone else answer? Or was mine the best ;) I think it's pretty darn accurate =)

  2. You were the only one, but i thought you did a great job summing me up...