Sunday, May 1, 2011

Out and About in Orono Today

Today I saw many people outside enjoying the Bangor City Forest and the Orono Bog Walk. The parking lot was packed with people. It doesn't surprise me with the nice weather why people wouldn't want to be outside. I loved getting out on the boardwalk to walk the loop and see firsthand the arrival of spring in the bog. After a walk thru the forest I went to Orono to stop by Maine Maven. The store was having a tea tasting with Baxter Tea Company and beautiful items from Madder Root. If you are looking for something made by a local you should check out Maine Maven. For lunch I went to Verve Burritos which makes amazing west coast style burritos. I swear I think I go at least once a week to Verve trying everything on their menu. It was a great day spending time outside and checking out local businesses.

Maine Maven

Verve Burritos

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