Monday, May 23, 2011

Where's Wendy?

Today I decided to go check out the new bakery that my friends have been mentioning as a great place to grab lunch. Massimo's Breads opened last week on 130 Hammond Street in Bangor. Its an Italian artisan bakery that has breads, pizza, sweets and sandwiches. Its only a few steps away from Massimo's Cucina Italiana up the hill. While I waited I got to try samples of their pizza and bread which were very yummy. I loved the design of the bakery which was beautiful and simplistic. The staff was very nice and the bakery has a cozy atmosphere. I ordered the campagna panini (turkey, provolone and basil pesto) which was delicious and a large serving. They also have assorted coffee and espresso drinks available. I would recommend this bakery as a great place to go and grab lunch and bring it back to the office and make your coworkers jealous.

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